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 until it’s DONE"

hemmersbach we won’t quit until it’s done
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We are Hemmersbach

As a service provider for the IT industry, we do our best every day to offer our customers excellent performance - everywhere. We are supported worldwide by more than 3,400 permanent employees in 38 subsidiaries and offer our services in more than 190 countries.

hemmersbach never refuse to enthuse

Never refuse to enthuse

Imagine yourself on an oil rig in the middle of the Persian Gulf or on a research station in the Antarctic – Hemmersbach accepts every challenge and operates as one of the best service providers for the IT industry worldwide.

What sets us apart? We differentiate ourselves through our unrivalled indirect business model and the fact that our customers are no end customers but global market leaders. That’s how we made it to the very top: Not only do most of our processes run automatically but our operations are controlled centrally through our software, and we have set our own delivery standards. All of these factors raise the benchmark in the IT service industry.

We only cross the finish line when a project has been completed successfully and the customer is enthused. That’s our main mission. Are you willing to do your best as well – no matter where or what your mission is? Then get ready and join our team!

"It doesn’t matter what the order is, we never lose the mission mindset."

— What differentiates us —

The core of our IT services is based on three key elements which make our business model unique. This represents the DNA of Hemmersbach.

hemmersbach indirect business only

Indirect business only

No other business model can compare with ours. We only work for the leading companies in the IT industry and keep our word by saying that we never sign contracts with end customers. We therefore avoid conflicts between our main contractors and their direct sales force or channel partners.

Autonomic technology applied worldwide

Avoidance and automation of service activities is our calling.
Hemmersbach has established its own Workflow Systems by utilizing automation and autonomic computing technology. As a result, we reduce costs continuously while improving quality as well.

hemmersbach autonomic technology applied worldwide
hemmersbach paid for results, not hours

Paid for results, not hours

It is great to be paid by the hour as a service provider – the slower they walk, the more hours will be charged. Not at Hemmersbach. Our company expanded immensely by being paid for performance. In fact, 90% of our revenue is generated by means of being paid for performance. Consequently, we are responsible for the productivity and coping with volatility and ticket volume. This results in cost predictability for our customers.

— Why us —

It is our conviction that avoiding and automating tickets and tasks is the only way to evolve as a global IT service provider. Learn what makes Hemmersbach as a company so special.

Fast Growing Company with Centralized Control
High Demands on Quality Management and Process Optimization
Dynamic Team With a Vision
We Focus on Productivity
Hemmersbach is Fast, Agile and Flexible
Creativity: Our Visions, Ideas and Dynamics

Fast Growing Company with Centralized Control

Hemmersbach provides IT services globally but each individual project is a single employee’s responsibility to ensure clarity.

A sales growth of more than 270% and a staff increase of 170% over the past five years since 2011 make Hemmersbach one of the fastest growing companies in the IT service industry. We move fast, so apply quickly!

hemmersbach High Demands on Quality Management and Process Optimization

High Demands on Quality Management
and Process Optimization

Our global standards and central quality and productivity controls enable us to operate worldwide as if it were just one country. Our centrally managed procedures and international standards put us in the position to draw up cross-border quotations within 48 hours. Meaning no one can compete with us.

hemmersbach Dynamic Team With a Vision

Dynamic Team With a Vision

A flat hierarchy, open communication and team spirit define what we at Hemmersbach are: unique. You as an employee are essential for our success. That’s why we want you to stay with us, for long. Of course we are demanding but we have plenty to offer: Enormous development and career opportunities, autonomous working environment and a lot of variety.

hemmersbach we Focus on Productivity

We Focus on Productivity

Hemmersbach as a managed service provider is paid per ticket or asset. Billing by results, not by time, makes the difference. Our ticked-based approach guarantees you cost-efficient results for your service assignments. Moreover, Hemmersbach bears full responsibility for productivity, which motivates us to perform excellently.

Hemmersbach is Fast, Agile and Flexible

Hemmersbach is Fast, Agile and Flexible

The Hemmersbach Workflow System provides the best practice core process application, which fulfills the specifications of cross-border service provision. The service process can be customized based on 700 process steps.
We are proud to record more than 1.000.000 completed service assignments (tickets) per year.

hemmersbach Creativity: Our Visions, Ideas and Dynamics

Creativity: Our Visions, Ideas and Dynamics

Hemmersbach applies innovative thinking to this day, believing that in the future, only selected global suppliers will render IT services using autonomic technology. That’s why the avoidance of tickets and tasks as well as the automation of those is our calling.

Hemmersbach started developing Workflow Systems based on technology 16 years ago. Up to now we are using 700 automated steps for technical and process automation.

Company Facts
Our mission: Simply enthused customers
hemmersbach we are Hemmersbach

Our principles:

  • We solve problems

    We are always friendly when dealing with clients and help solve their problems.

  • We are reliable

    Hemmersbach is punctual, we keep our word and are committed to high quality.

  • We are effective

    We focus on the efficient attainment of our company's goals, constantly improving ourselves personally and professionally.

  • We are a team

    We communicate openly and honestly with one another and provide each other mutual support.

  • We enthuse customers

    We always exceed expectations in every customer contact.

— Our commitment —

We do everything everyday to offer our customers excellent services everywhere. Several ISO certificates verify our claim. But we don’t stop here: We set new and measurable goals every year for every standard.

Moreover, Hemmersbach is committed to adhering to the highest standards of social, ethical and environmental responsibility to constant improvement in these areas. 

We take action by running the most effective conservation army that fights against the poaching of endangered species in Southern Africa.

hemmersbach iso 27001 –  information security management system

ISO 9001 –
Quality management system

Since 1997, we have also been certified in quality management with ISO 9001. This enables us to continually ensure and improve the quality of our services and processes. A fundamental principle of ISO 9001 is process orientation. A process-oriented QM system accompanies all essential operational processes and puts them to the test.

Thus, even in a very well-organized company, possibilities for improvement and optimization can be found. Compliance with the standards is verified by regular internal and external audits. Hemmersbach sets new and measurable targets in all standards every year.

hemmersbach about us iso 14001 environmental management system

ISO 14001 –
Environmental management system

The sense of responsibility for the environment is encouraged in all employees at all levels of Hemmersbach. In order to ensure the sustainable use of resources, the environmental impact of each new activity and each new process will be judged by the responsible person in advance, and environmentally friendly, advanced technology will be used. We will take all necessary measures to prevent or eliminate any environmental impact. Where this is not feasible, we will strive to reduce pollutant emissions and waste generation to a minimum.

Audits are performed in every organisational unit of Hemmersbach. This approach secures the performance of constantly changing customer requirements and the continuous improvements. Furthermore we comply with all valid legal requirements as well as we fulfil applicable requirements.

Not only those who have a special responsibility to protect the environment, but, rather, all employees, are committed to environmental protection at Hemmersbach.

Our environmental policy includes taking account of all relevant environmental aspects in making strategic and business decisions. In addition, we commit ourselves to the observance of all valid juridical demands.
The objectives of our environmental policy are:

  • Conservation of energy and raw materials
  • Reduction of environmental risks
  • Cost savings
  • Our environmental aspects are not accessible for public.

For any questions on the subject environment at Hemmersbach please send an email to the following address: environment@hemmersbach.com

hemmersbach iso 14001 – environmental management system

ISO 27001 –
Information security management system

Hemmersbach is committed to the confidential handling of all information and data we come in contact with. This will ensure that we will continue to be a trusted partner for our customers who entrust us with their data and information.

The holistic approach of ISO 27001 ensures that the standard exists in the company at all hierarchical levels. This means that management responsibility is as much a part of ensuring information security as are training for all employees and internal audits.

hemmersbach social, ethical and environmental responsibility

Hemmersbach’s Policy for Social, Ethical and Environmental Responsibility

We are a global IT service provider dealing with businesses in numerous countries around the world. Therefore, Hemmersbach not only fully complies but expects all associated parties to comply with all local, regional, national and international laws and regulations as well.

Moreover, Hemmersbach is committed to adhering to the highest standards of social, ethical and environmental responsibility and a constant improvement in these areas.

The objective of Hemmersbach’s Policy for Social, Ethical and Environmental Responsibility is defined by demanding a ethical, responsible and professional conduct based on:

  • The Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), formerly the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC)
  • The ILO Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work
  • The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Consequently adherence is mandatory to this policy. Hemmersbach and its entire workforce shall be expected to conduct their businesses anywhere in the world at every hierarchical level based on this policy.

Hemmersbach operates according to principles of good corporate governance and acts as a good corporate citizen in all societies. This is why we expect our Service Providers and any other third party to do the same. As a result, all Service Providers must comply with our Service Provider Code of Conduct. We expect all Service Providers to communicate the stipulated obligations.

Furthermore, we expect all Service Providers to ensure compliance with the Code throughout their organizations and supply chains. In order to verify compliance with the Code, the Quality Management Department conducts audits based on our Standards.

UK Modern Slavery Act

We are committed to act ethically as well as with integrity and transparency in all our business operations. As one essential part of our commitment, we have a zero-tolerance approach to any form of modern slavery and are uncompromising in our expectations of ethical behaviour by our whole supply chain.

Therefore, we are welcoming the obligations set into force by the section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act as it interrelates with our support for the UN Global Compact as well as with our Social, Ethical and Environmental Responsibility Policy and actions. 

The following statement published under the Modern Slavery Act 2015, highlights our endeavours during the fiscal year 2017.

hemmersbach rhino force

Hemmersbach Rhino Force

We are a direct action conservation organization protecting one of the most endangered species on earth.

Our teams use innovative tactics and technologies to preserve rhino genes, to prevent killing of rhinos and to expose and confront all other illegal activities in the bush of Southern Africa.

Our service is free of charge.

hemmersbach united nations global compact

Hemmersbach joins the United Nations Global Compact

Hemmersbach actively supports the United Nations’ initiative to create a fair and sustainable global economy. The UNGC is the biggest and most important initiative for responsible and sustainable company management worldwide. As a participant, we commit ourselves with immediate effect to bringing our actions in line with the principles of the UNGC through a culture of integrity and corporate sustainability that meets fundamental responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment, and anti-corruption. By joining this initiative, we have the great chance to help create a better future for all of us.

Here you can find  our first Communication on Progress (COP) wherein we aim to present the achievements and actions we have implemented regarding the 10 principles of the UNGC.

More information: www.unglobalcompact.org

Our purpose

Our CEO Ralph Koczwara explains our purpose and why Hemmersbach colleagues are getting meaning from fighting injustice with direct action. Rhino Force is our direct action conservation organisation protecting one of the most endangered species on earth.

But Hemmersbach Rhino Force is just the beginning.

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