Job-ID: 14596

IT Technician - Cluj (hybrid)

Onsite level 2 IT support for your users in hardware and software problems

  • Romania - Cluj
  • Professionals
  • Full-time

Your Benefits

Buddy program
Extensive paid training
Extra hours compensation
Internal career development
International environment
Meal voucher
Mobile working
Onboarding program

Your skills

  • Level 2 support
  • Ideally background as IT-engineer
  • English skills
  • Willingness to travel to Dej 3 days/week

Your Tasks

We are looking for a Resident IT Technician with experience in the technical and / or assistance to users at SMEs or multinationals in order to fulfil technical activities and installations on our customer own sites.


Customer's site is located in Dej.

On a weekly base, you will spend 3 days on site and 2 days working from home.


You are responsible for…

  • end-user support include providing professional support to the customers and computer users, detecting flaw in the computer hardware, software and other equipment’s, and repairing the same. The major role of end user support professional is to
  • diagnose a faulty program in the computer systems within an organization and provide immediate solution to the problem
    providing one on one assistance to the end user regarding the technical flaw, either by phone, mails, or in person


You tasks are…

  • identify, diagnose, and resolve the level one / two issues in computer hardware and software in a systems such as Laptops, Desktops, Printers, Mobile Devices, Tablets etc.
  • deal with software portfolio management and product life cycle management
  • provide general desktop support, project coordination, imaging/ re-imaging PCs, and laptops
  • coordinate with the third party service provider for timely repair of the system under the maintenance agreement warranty, and repairing minor flaws in hardware if not covered under the same
  • provide assistance in installation of other peripherals like printers, scanners, etc., cabling systems like local area network cables, network interface cards, wired switches, etc. 
  • provide smart hand support for Server and network devices


Be part of us

Hemmersbach provides IT infrastructure services in more than 190 countries with 50 own subsidiaries. We deliver exclusively for the leading companies in the IT industry. We go the extra mile – we not only simply enthuse our customers, but also make the world a better place: 20% of our profits go into our Direct Actions Hemmersbach Rhino Force, Hemmersbach Kids’ Family and Hemmersbach Climate Force. That’s why Hemmersbach is The Social Purpose IT Company.

ID: 14596 IT Technician - Cluj (hybrid) Romania / Cluj
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